This is the Latest Offering from Brand Magicwand, Magicwand 7-in-1 DIY Rechargeable Solar Space Robot Science Educational Kit No Tools are required to assemble this awesome Solar Energy Kit.7 different working models including Space machine fighter, Space Dog, Space station,Space shuttle,Space exploration,Space probe,Astronaut(Only one project can be completed at a time) Most suitable for school projects ,3 kinds of Power Supply ,which includes Solar Energy, Solar Rechargeable & Dry Batteries In our endeavor to Provide the best quality Products to our esteemed Customer's Possible, we periodically make product modifications, therefore actual Product may vary a little than shown in the Images Magicwand is A Trademark of Pixel Incorporation , Other sellers selling counterfeit items under Magicwand are doing it illegally & are liable to be prosecuted under section 135 of the Trademark acts for Infringement